Ho Soccer

Pac System

The new PAC system (Punch Assist Control) has been created and designed to ease the relaunch of the ball. At the beginning this technology was exclusive of the models Elite. This system has been improved to include the models Ghotta and SSG. With this complement, those models add a new factor when the goalkeeper has to relaunch the ball with his fists and add an extra protection, always with the best comfort. This complement has been designed to avoid affecting the mobility of the hand.

Protections 3.0

Our system of protections, called FPS 2.0 is included is the 5 fingers of the glove (included the thumb) and each one is totally removable. The creation of this new system of protection permits more lightness and protections more anatomical, better adapted to the hand. The gloves offer a high protection, associated with comfort, without feeling too much the protections on the back on the hand. It's possible to customize your glove, using only the protection on the chosen fingers.

System MAS

System included in the whole range Elite. MAS (Micro Adjustable Strap) adjustable belt with velcro, in addition to the standard belt of the wrist. This belt is placed at the basis of the wrist, for an extra fitting, for more security and comfort.

DS Skin

Exclusive fabric, included in the back of the gloves. This fabric is resistant, comfortable and very light. Because of the holes of this fabric, the hands can easily sweat. Those caracteristics make the DS Skin the perfect fabric for the gloves of top range.