New Models 2017/18
HO SOCCER - Ikarus Roll Finger

The glove Ikarus Ergo Roll Finger, includes the new palm WARNING SUPRA GRIP. A new generation latex that offers a great improvement of the grip in wet condition and a wonderful adaptation to the new technologies of the balls of the market.
  • · PALM: New 4 mm. of WARNING SUPRA GRIP latex + 3 mm. of foam, combined with the new AAS system (Anti Abrasion System), designed to protect the most affected area of the palm in case of fall.
  • · CUT: Special Exclusive cut: Roll - Negative.
  • · BACK/BODY: Neoprene in a single piece construction.
  • · BACKHAND: New 3D GEL system, offering a punch support zone in ergonomic construction combined with 5 mm. of embossed latex + 3 mm. of foam.
  • · WRIST CLOSURE: Belt with 3 fastenings, combined with the new system MICRO STRAP 3D. This exclusive extra strap has been completely renovated, now offering more comfort and protection to the wrist against hard falls.
  • · SIZES: 7 to 11 including half sizes