The Ikarus model with cut Roll Gecko, could not lack in the new range of goalkeeper gloves. The palm EXTREME GRIP and all the novelties of the new models Ikarus make this model the best for the goalkeepers who like the Gecko cut... Entrar

Version of the model Ikarus Ergo Roll Finger with palm AQUAFORMULA. In blue, the new goalkeeper glove and its exclusive cut Ergo Roll Finger, make it a perfect model for the most demanding porters... Entrar

New version of the goalkeeper glove Ikarus Roll Flat. New combination of colors for this model with a cut Flat and equipped with the wonderful palm AQUAFORMULA. A fantastic grip in all the conditions... Enter

The new goalkeeper glove Ikarus includes the new and extraordinary palm AQUAFORMULA a palm that will revolution the market of the goalkeeper gloves. A palm with an incredible grip, especially in wet condition and a better resistance... Enter

The new Ikarus Roll Negative, is not just a new design, because this version has a new palmWARNING SUPRA GRIP that gives to this glove a great grip in dry or wet condition, and a better durability... Enter

The new Ikarus Roll Negative, includes the well known palm EXTREME GRIP and associates the new back/body Ikarus, neoprene made in one piece for a perfect fitting, a wonderful combination of grip, resistance and fitting... Enter

The glove Ikarus Ergo Roll Finger, includes the new palm WARNING SUPRA GRIP. A new generation latex that offers a great improvement of the grip in wet condition and a wonderful adaptation to the new technologies of the balls of the market... Enter